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1975 to 1995:
During this time period, we helped weave a common musical thread between "Jan and Dean," "The Beach Boys," "The Turtles" and "Papa Doo Run Run" camps. Our duties included songwriting, recordings, as well as concert performing. As you can imagine, whether it be participating in all the bands at the same time (as many of our clubhouse members have done) or spotlighting someone's unique individual solo project (the many off-shoots: i.e. "Surf City All-Stars," "Mike and Dean," "Celebration," "Endless Summer Beach Band" or "The Surf Brothers," etc.), the highlights of each create their own unique biographies. Some day we hope to feature each one of them on this website. The stories will include hilarious recordings, disastrous concerts, silly songwriting, wish-we-hadn't TV shows, "Dead Man's Curve" movie outtakes and hokey commercial jingles that are too embarrassing to admit to! As you know, you can't be in show-biz without embarrassment!!

1995 to Present:
Jim Alquist became a lawyer and James Armstrong became a company Vice President in a wireless industry. By literally bumping into each other back in June of 2001 (at the Costco in Laguna Niguel, CA), The Vertikals were serendipitously born. This chance meeting re-kindled our songwriting partnership and love of recording. Fortunately for us, this time the process will be different. We finally own our own recording studio and mixing facilities. Armed with an arsenal of guitars, keyboards, microphones and processors, we've enlisted ourselves into the music of the 21st Century.... Whoopee! Gee, you know, we're really gonna miss having those record company geeks breathing down our necks and constantly telling us how much time we don't have left in the session; not to mention the annoying phone calls and little innuendos informing us once again they've ditched our marketing concept because it's stupid and sucks . ANYWAYYY....., the September 11th disaster created plenty of songwriting material to record as well as a reason for a CD to be released in the Spring of 2002 (first release "Skyward"). At the present time, The Vertikals today are simply a recording duo. All songs are written and recorded primarily for placement in the television and film industry. We are not necessarily in business (right now) to sell CDs. For those who would like to purchase a CD, our music is available on CD Baby and other chosen websites. For the issue of The Vertikals performing live….. We've been coaxed a number of times to put together a concert show and the prospect of "The Vertikals Live" sounds very interesting to us. However, currently this is not part of our plans. We do enjoy sitting in occasionally with the "ole gang", as well as jamming with the great new artists that are currently interested in recording The Vertikals new music.

All the cool stories you're looking for will be coming soon. Well, .... maybe soon, ..... mmmmm..... maybe later, ...... Aw..... 'Nuff said.

The Vertikals

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