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October 1, 2003: "Pheonix" Scores Opening Spot for Leon Russell Concert

New material from The Vertikals has spiced up the powerful sound of "Pheonix", roadhouse blues rocker. The new songs have been so well received that the singer has landed opening act status for Leon Russell, and two recording offers have come her way. Kudos to The Vertikals for a quick turn-a-round on the music and more importantly, a quick turn-a-round for her career. Pheonix would now like The Vertikals to possibly sing and play with the band on her recordings of Vertikals songs. Pre-production will start in November. For those who have heard that The Vertikals have no interest in performing live.... let's wait and see!


September 8, 2003: "Phoenix", Female Roadhouse Blues Siren Signs Up Vertikals Songs

Pheonix, a veteran female roadhouse blues rocker from Newport Beach, CA, has commissioned The Vertikals to write songs for her up-coming live concerts. A Southern California main stay for the past 20 years, Pheonix (as she's known) has been doing opening act duties for a number of top-rated acts. She is now searching for a record deal. Due to fan cheers on her emotional blues vocal delivery, her audience has been screaming for her to do an albumn. She fell in love with The Vertikals' CD "Skyward" and asked that they write her some songs. The Vertikals said, "Sure!" , forming an immediate bond with someone they say is one of the best singers they've heard in Southern California. Vertikals currently in the studio cutting demos for her show.

March 9, 2003 - Xenia and The Vertikals
Orlando Take Over!

Xenia Seeberg, star of the Sci-Fi series “Lexx”, was happily greeted by 15,000 of her loyal and devoted fans last month at the famed MegaCon Sci-Fi show in Orlando, Florida. This was Xenia’s first “MegaCon” appearance. Flanked with support from her musical companions, The Vertikals, Xenia debuted her new CD Single “Send Him My Love”(Click here to listen to music sample and Lyrics) to an overwhelmingly passionate audience. Xenia also treated her fans to new, never-before-seen 8 x 10 photos, posters and memorabilia that according to her manager, Fred Bell, “Her fans have been waiting for this for a very long time!”

The Orlando convention center was packed and people were lined up outside for hours to get a glimpse of their favorite star. Xenia and The Vertikals may consider doing other Sci-Fi shows after she completes an upcoming movie scheduled to shoot in late Spring, early Summer, and certainly after she records her next batch of songs with The Vertikals.
Click here for convention photo highlights.

March 5, 2003 - Skyward" CD Review
Scott Homewood - Ear Candy and Swivel Stick

The Vertikals-Skyward

Now that the boy band fad is over, Britney's navel is old news, and
all the geeky alt. country fan-boys polluting the music scene have
shuffled back to their dude-ranches since their next-big-thing never panned out, we can hopefully get back to some fun pop music. Not the pop music that is usually pushed on us by the greedy record labels and their evil minions in the Armani suits made of human souls, mind you. I mean pop in the post-Beatles sense wh
ere melody meets youth and passion, gets into a tussle and comes out as melodic rock with balls. The Verikals play such music, excel in it, actually. As veterans of the California rock scene with impressive credentials, the talented duo (Jim Alquist and James Armstrong) doing business as The Vertikals know what they're doing when it comes to crafting wonderfully melodic music and instilling it with all the classic elements that make rock and roll enthralling to listen to. This means instead of putting a bunch of rap in there to fuck it all up, they use long-forgotten devices such as beautifully layered vocals and well thought out arrangements, not to mention above average songs to make it work. Multi-instrumentalists and talented vocalists, the duo wrote the entire album save a excentric cover of the Beach Boys' classic Barbara Ann that adds a delightfully island, almost reggae, twist to the song. It's clear from the production on this the vocals are the most important aspect of the group. They've got harmonies that would make Brian Wilson jealous and know how to use the studio environment not only to enhance them, but to use them in interesting and innovative ways. If you like the Beach Boys, ELO, The Raspberries and bands of this ilk and would like the music featured in an up to date context, this is an album you will definitely have to pick up. Check out for more info.

4 stars

Scott Homewood

December 9, 2002 - “Lexx” Star To Release First CD Single

Laguna Niguel, CA: Xenia Seeberg, star of the hit TV series “Lexx,” has just completed the finishing touches to her new, soon-to-be-released CD single entitled “Send Him My Love.” (Click here to listen to music sample and Lyrics) This song is one of many that Xenia’s planning to record with Southern California singers/songwriters “The Vertikals.” These boys have achieved legendary status by working side-by-side with Rock’s royalty since the onset of their careers (Check Biography at Xenia met the guys last spring and was fascinated with their melodies, lyrics and sound. The second track of her CD single is an unusual and creative re-working of the classic Doors hit “Love Me Two Times.” Xenia says “The Vertikals are like my brothers, funny and crazy to hang out with, but truly it’s their music that touches me so deeply inside.” Xenia will record the next two tracks with “The Vertikals” towards her up-coming album next month following the release of her single due out in late January 2003.

October 21, 2002 - Xenia Seeberg's Voice - Born for Rock-n-Roll

Click here to see photos

Laguna Niguel, California: Xenia Seeberg's re-entry into Rock-n-Roll was like an exploding Nova. As expected, Xenia walked into the studio completely rehearsed and in control of her direction for her first song "Send Him My Love." Surprising to The Vertikals (who wrote and produced the song), she completed the whole track in the shortest amount of time Alquist and Armstrong have ever seen or heard. "It's as if somebody whispered in our ear 'This girl's gonna be great!'" Her emotion and delivery was so unique it created a new direction and meaning for the song. We can't wait to do the next track with her, which will be a remake of a classic "Doors" hit. Again, with Xenia singing it, it will create a whole new direction and feel. Can you guess what it is? Hint: it's not "Light My Fire."

July 10, 2002 - Xenia Seeberg's "Vertikal" Launch into Rock-n-Roll

Xenia Seeberg, star of Lexx (a hit TV series on the cable Sci-Fi channel) has commissioned The Vertikals to write and produce two new songs for her upcoming CD. Xenia, a fan of Vertikals music, heard their new song entitled "Send Him My Love" and immediately asked that it be included on her new CD to be released later this summer. The Vertikals happily agreed and pre-production started the very next week. According to The Vertikals, "Xenia's smokey and sensual voice is perfect for the song. Her emotion, passion and soulful energy should deliver an excellent performance for the track!"

July 3, 2002 - Love and Prayers to the Kirsch Family

Our heartfelt prayers and condolences go to our musician brother, Randell Kirsch and his family, on the passing of their daughter, Brianica. Their loss has touched us all and made everyone realize how important our time is here together as friends and family. To honor Brianica, donations can be sent to: SECOND CHANCE CANCER FUND, P.O. Box 73008, San Clemente, CA, 92673.

June 14, 2002 - VareseSarabande To License Vertikals "Barbara Ann"

VareseSarabande, a rock-n-roll retrospective label, has released a 35-year anthology of the legendary masked surfer Dean Torrence of "Jan & Dean." The album contains material exclusively from Dean (with a little help from his friends) and was recorded after Jan's tragic accident in 1966 all the way to the present day. One highlighted track is Dean's 2002 performance with The Vertikals (long-time friends and former band members). This Pop-Reggae version rings in such originality we can honestly say "It's nothing like you've ever heard before!" For more on Dean and VareseSarabande, go to

May 20, 2002 - Vertikals Release "Skyward"

The long awaited debut release by The Vertikals (Jim Alquist and James Armstrong) has finally arrived. Their first album, "Skyward", contains a collection of Power-Pop songs flavored with seasonings from their historic and colorful past (working with "Jan & Dean", "The Beach Boys" and "The Turtles" - see Vertikals biography.) Song line up includes sing-a-longs like "Baby Run" and "I Know" which get you ready for rockers like "Girlfriend" and "Drive." One tasteful highlight is the current Pop-Reggae version of the classic "Barbara Ann" (lead vocal sung by the legendary Dean Torrence of "Jan & Dean") which should not be missed. "Skyward" is available at our online store.

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